5 Baking Essential tools for a Newbie Baker

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No matter how strict a diet we are on, we cannot say ‘no’ for long to a freshly baked cookie, pastry or a cupcake. And we are not to be blamed-such is the magic of baking. Baking, just like any other form of cooking (or even more), is a form of art, and a baker, a true artist. A perfect bake turns out after several imperfect ones, but is worth trying for.

If you are among those who are trying to become that Picasso in baking, let’s see what can help you out in bringing out the best. Here’s a list of 5 basic, elemental tools that you may want to stock your kitchen with before heading to baking. This article is solely for the newbies. So if there’s any expert reading this, excuse us guys

1.Measuring cups and spoons


Measurement plays a key role in making or ruining a bake, especially if you are new in this field.

There are a lot amongst us (including my younger self), who don’t know which one is a bigger measure – a teaspoon or a tablespoon, how much is a standard cup quantity, etc. So having a set of measuring cups and spoons is vital before one starts baking (Coz one tablespoon of baking soda will be a tad too much in place of a teaspoon) .

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Whisking or beating (usually eggs), is one of the crucial steps in baking. A lack of whisk (or too much of it) can make a big difference in how your bake turns out. You will necessarily not figure that out while making the batter, but can tell by how hard or soft your cake or cupcakes have come out. Whisking properly, for correct consistency is, hence, a point to be noted in every recipe.

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 3.Spatula and pastry brush



There are batters that need to be folded gently rather than mixed vigorously. A spatula is the best one to save you from doing it the wrong way.

Often bought together with spatula is a pastry brush, both of which help you to do the respective processes in a gentle (and artistic) way. Glazing your bakes with some sugar syrup or giving it an egg wash before popping into the oven, will all need a pastry brush. There is hardly any other way you can do it this perfectly.

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4.Baking sheet/parchment paper



This one goes without saying. Baking sheets save us, most the of time, from a tedious not-so-pleasant job of greasing the baking tin (if you don’t have a spray bottle). It is also way easier to take out your baked items kept on a baking sheet than on a greased tin.

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5.Icing bag

Once you get a hang of basic baking, you cannot resist trying out the best part of it – the icing. Icing gives a whole new dimension to the bakes in terms of look, taste and texture. So make sure you have a quality icing bag with the required nozzle to pipe out the icing in the desired manner. ( Coz you really don’t want to mess with the ‘icing on the cake’).

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Hope this list serves you with the to-buy-list for your first baking experience. Happy Baking!!