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Crompton Ozone 75Ltrs Desert Air Cooler: Product Review

Today, the temperatures around the world seem to be rising drastically. Yet, there are some of us who prefer a portable yet affordable alternative to that of an air conditioner. If there is a suitable competitor is has got to be an air cooler and the Crompton Ozone 75Ltrs Desert Air Cooler has been designed in a way that keeps in mind the basic cooling necessities of the cooler inclined populace.

This air cooler from Crompton offers a water storage capacity of 75 liters and an amazing air throw capacity of a whopping distance of 52 feet. This along with its size and weight make it one of the best coolers for a large room or any other area that needs to have cool air reach larger and wider spaces. Its three-sided honeycomb features ensure that the air is regulated evenly and aids in better air cooling and suction to maintain the efficacy and high performance of the cooler. The user will also notice that the materials used in building the product make it sturdy and long lasting and so not wear off easily with constant movement.

This appliance is apt for someone looking for a cooler that is simple enough to work with and hence it does a great job is aligning with their needs without including too many control options.


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 Symphony Diet 12T 12 Ltrs Air Cooler: Product review

Beating the summer heat for a lot of us means to cool off anyway that we possibly can. A suitable alternative for those, who don’t want to buy air conditioners, is cooler. The Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litres Air Cooler does a fantastic job of making sure you chill your way through the scorching heat.

This particular Symphony cooler comes with some of the latest features, which the market can offer. It has auto louvers and multi-directional wheels making it seem like a typical air conditioner with wheels that are easily mobile. The cooler consumes power up to 170 watts, making it energy efficient Moreover, the highly efficient honeycomb pads which are powered with a Dura pump technology ensures that the cool air is regulated even and efficiently. This aspect enhances coolers durability especially on the long run and after repeated use of the same. Additional features include a mosquito and dust net which aids in keeping not just pests, but dust circulation at bay in the respective area.

It is important to ensure that the water and dust particles that have collected in the cooler needs to be drained to ensure the better working of the appliance and ensure it is not being disorganized in its performance.


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Symphony Hicool  i31 Ltrs Air Cooler

With the mercury levels rising, cooling off our body and surroundings is important to get us through the day. Therefore, the Symphony Hicool i 31 Ltrs Air Cooler comes packed with several benefits that will make anyone think twice about their summertime being uncomfortable.

The Symphony Hicool comes with a high functioning remote with a timer upto 7 hours and has an intelligent and smart cooling system called the I Function. This feature enables the cooler’s functions to be changed and adapted to the cooling requirement of the area around it or according to the user’s needs, an auto empty tank alarm etc. What is more is that it can be set at a bed level and the temperature can be regulated via sleep – timer setting. The cooler consumes power of about 185 watts and has a 31 litres water storage tank capacity. Unlike most coolers, it is not always mandatory that the user be at a very close proximity to the appliance to feel the thrust of the cool air, infact, with this particular cooler, the air throw goes to a distance of 37 feet, which ensures that any large area is swept over with its cool air.  Users are bound to notice that this is one of the lightest coolers in the market, weighing just 9 kgs. 

As is the case with any appliance, it is imperative to ensure that the cooler is serviced diligently to get it to work to its full potential.


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