Air Purifier, A Hype or Do You Really Need One ?

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I know our bodies were made to thrive only in pure air, and the scenes in which pure air is found- John Muir

Probably the people of this era, including you and me, are ignorant of this fact. We are okay with the air not being pure. It is as if pure air existed only in history and it is too ambitious a dream to have it now. It has become a luxury only a few, luckiest of the lot can enjoy. Isn’t it upsetting to learn that people go on vacation, far from the cities where they spend most of their lives, to places where they can breathe some ‘fresh air’? It is time we understood that a good health, beyond everything, comes from pure air and water and that we, as living beings are entitled to these pure natural elements.
Air quality in India and why we should be bothered
More than any surveys and researchers, we are our own validation for the fact that the air we breathe today has been polluted beyond measures. Still then, if studies are to be believed, the latest one conducted by IIT Delhi, in collaboration with Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED) in 11 major cities reveals that worsening air quality is one of the major causes for premature deaths in India. Apart from this, we are all acquainted with numerous cases of heart diseases, lung cancers, stroke, breathing disorders and so on.
Another shocking revelation that will be hard for many to digest is that the air inside our homes is as polluted as that of outside, if not more. Residues from cooking, heating, lighting, use of aerosols (sprays and coolants) and dusting -together contain a high concentration of Sulphates, organic carbons, allergens and other particulate matters of all sizes.
If these interior pollutants remain almost the same in the rural and urban household, why mention about the cities alone? The answer lies in the fact that rural areas are comparatively green. With more forest cover and/or arable land, those houses can open their doors to a cooler, low pollutant -packed air. The people residing in the cities, on the other hand, are more or less, between a devil and deep blue sea.
Practical solutions
Though there is no permanent, sure shot solution for the damage we have caused to nature through these years and in turn to ourselves, there are both age-old methods and technologies that can serve as quick fixes.
A basic and cheap trick is to incorporate some green into your apartments and increase ventilation. No matter how small a dwelling place it is, you can always find a corner to place some plants, especially, those known to have air purifying properties like Dracaenas, spider plants, golden pothos, Chrysanthemums and the likes. Though effective in eliminating carbon compounds and other toxic gases produced in the daily chores, dust and allergens, however, cannot be wiped out with plants alone.
Another practical way is to install air purifiers. They are effective in removing allergens, pet danders, dust, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and much more, giving you cleaner air in every breath. According to the kind of pollutant particles you have the most, you can use purifiers with –
HEPA (High Effective Particulate Arrestance) Filters – These purifiers are capable of removing particles as small as 0.3 microns
UV light – Purifiers with UV light technology can kill unwanted bio pollutants like viruses and bacteria
Activated Carbon – These purifiers are recommended for effective purification by adsorbing gases, odours and chemicals.
The above mentioned are only a few of the filtering technologies used worldwide. Though there are certain side effects of air purifiers like noise pollution, ozone production (which is always in very low concentration to have any health issues), our cities may need them more in the coming years. Afterall, if we don’t breathe good air, what good remains in our lives to enjoy the rest of the worldly pleasure.

Last, but never the least, let us change the way we live in this world. Remember that all the damage we see in this world, are caused by people like you and me. There lies an undeniable onus on each one of us to protect the nature in our own way, at least for our own selves, if not for anybody else.


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