Car Air Purifier- Say Yes to A Fresh Smelling Car.

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Philips GoPure Slimline 230 Car Air Purifier

Philips GoPure Slimline 230 Car Air PurifierThe GoPure Slimline 230 Car Air Purifier by Philips aids in not just purifying the air in your car highly efficiently but does so swiftly without taking too much time in giving a great result.

This car air purifier is embedded with a unique yet efficient filtration system that can absorb most minute and hazardous air pollutants which could go unnoticed by others. The significant feature here is that this specific model, unlike its counterparts, doesn’t just leave the air feeling fresh and purified but also smelling great with a subtle fragrance. The fragrance dispensing feature comes do good use for those of us who could use a minimal dose of aromatherapy of sorts on the go. When the filter is in boost mode, it can filter the air in about 13 minutes with an air delivery rate of 10m3/hour. Additionally, there would no need for the user to constantly keep track of the purifier’s mechanisms because it works automatically and hence the user can focus of other important tasks at hand and driving. The quality of air is detected by a sensor based indicator which illuminates in various colours, each denoting a specific quality. For example, when the light is red it means that the air quality is poor. The indicator can also sense if and when the filter needs to be changed/ replaced. To ensure that the purifier is perfectly integrated to the car, a cable and a cup holder accessory is provided with it to ensure the process runs smoothly.

The efficacy of this product depends on its immediate external surround dings and environment that it is exposed to constantly.

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Atlanta Healthcare HEPA PURE ® Medipure ® MF-01 MotoFresh Elite Car Air Purifier for SUV/Sedan

Atlanta Healthcare HEPA PURE ® Medipure ® MF-01 MotoFresh Elite Car Air Purifier for SUV/SedanThe HEPA PURE car air purifier by Atlanta healthcare is one of a kind in its technology and quality of yielding good results. This device follows several steps, each designed to absorb and filter specific in-car pollutants.

This car air purifier comes with an advanced four-step filtration system, which also adds to its unique feature. The system consists of an antibacterial filter, HEPA filter followed by an activated carbon filter and an ionizer at the end to neutralize any suspended pollutants, thus completing the filtration process. Equipped with such a powerful system the purifier absorbs smoke, dust pollen, spores, bad odor, animal dander and gases such as formaldehyde, xylene and so on. This particular model also marks the introduction of the dual fan technology in the Indian market, that enables the device to give a cleaner and higher air delivery rate. The simplicity in its operation also plays a significant role since it can be controlled with just a push of s single button. Moreover, the difference in the quality of air can be felt in just a matter of 10 minutes with the delivery rate of 15 m3/hr.

Any technological glitches in this product are a reflection of the seller and not the manufacturer.


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Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

Honeywell Move Pure Car Air PurifierThe Move car air purifier by Honeywell is your best bet in giving a refreshed, breathable air supply inside of your car. This particular model doesn’t just absorb dust but is also fights against pollutants in your car efficiently.

This particular car air purifier adds a stylish and sophisticated element to the interiors of your car with its innovative design. The device is equipped with a double layer filtration system which has an activated carbon filter and well as a layer of the HEPA filter. The combination of the two layers aids in absorbing the PM2.5 pollutants, toxins, cigarette smoke odor, fabric and hazardous gases that might prove to be detrimental to one’s health. Furthermore, the purification/ filtration cycle in this device is done at least four times per hour to ensure better and cleaner results.  It consumes about 6 watts under the silent mode and 8 watts under its general mode where it works on its highest and maximum performance. For those of us who believe that replacing fillers is no easy feat, this particular model has one of the easiest and accessible filter replacement systems which can be undertaken by the user him/herself without the supervision of an expert and it also not too time-consuming as well. Moreover, the entire device functions with a help of a single button which when switched on indicates myriad other necessities such as filter replacement, fan change mode and so on.

The replacement of the filters depends on the mode and the number of hours the purifier has been working on for.

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