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Mivi Quick Charge 3.0 Qualcomm Certified Dual Port Metallic Car Charger

Mivi Quick Charge 3.0 Qualcomm Certified Dual Port Metallic Car ChargerThe Quick Charge 3.0 Dual Port Metallic Car Charger by Mivi is equipped with unique technology that detects the optimum use of current and power needed for the respective devices so as to avoid overcharging, voltage discharge or any other unnecessary trauma to the device that can be caused as a result.

This car charger comes with a sophisticated looking metal exterior adding to the device’s style quotient which the user might find very appealing. The charger promises quick charging through its dual ports that can be sued to charge two different devices simultaneously. The total output in the quick charge port is 3A and 2.4 A in the normal port; this aspect depends on the requirement of the devices connected to the charger. For anyone who is constantly in a rush this charger would be apt since it promises to charge the connected device four times faster than most standard ones available in the market. Moreover, the Qualcomm quick charge technology embedded in the charger means that it also caters to non-quick charging devices as well.  The smart technology in the devices also ensures that it detects the appropriate and optimum current required for charging a specific device and hence also doubles up as a safety measure.  Additionally, the charger is universally compatible with an array of cables and isn’t restricted to a few.


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Tech Sense Lab (Australia) Qualcomm Certified Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger

Tech Sense Lab (Australia) Qualcomm Certified Quick Charge 2.0 Car ChargerThe Qualcomm Certified Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger by Tech sense Lab is an answer to all of our charging problems on the road since it promises to quickly charge devices with the help of innovative technologies embedded in it.

This car charger boasts of having one of the highest charging speeds claiming to be 75 % quicker than most standard chargers in the market. The intellisense technology that powers the charges enables it to be compatible with either QC2.0 or non QC2.0 devices. Quality is one of the most primal selling points on the charger. The use of high industry grade materials on the exterior and the use of circuits on the interior makes for a safe and durable device that one can have without having to bother about any potential damage they can cause to the same. furthermore, the compact design of the device makes it easier for anyone to carry it around in their bags and its lightweight and cylindrical body means that it would not take up too much space in your car when its kept on.


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BoAt Dual-Port Rapid Car charger (Qualcomm Certified) with Quick Charge 3.0 + Free Micro USB Cable

BoAt Dual-Port Rapid Car charger (Qualcomm Certified) with Quick Charge 3.0 + Free Micro USB CableThe Dual-Port Rapid Car charger by Boat is not just one of the amazing and efficient car charges in the market right now  but is also great in its safety procedures which are imperative in ensuring that the user is protected against any electrical mishaps.

This car charger is known for its enhanced charging capabilities with the help of  Smart IC technology which not just supplies optimum power but also adds to the charger’s compatibility with other devices. The charging cycle is fine-tuned to up the capacity to about 45 % over other normal chargers. Furthermore, the unique feature here is the design and the working mechanism of the USB ports, which  are crafted in a way that they adapt to the respective devices that act as a safeguard against possible current discharge, short circuits or other such electrical mishaps that can prove detrimental to not just the device or the life of the user. The charger powers devices to a maximum of 5 V / 2.4 Amps. Additionally, the simplistic and sleek design has been specially created for the sole purpose of being easier on the eyes by matching to the interiors of your car.

Issues pertaining to the length of the USB can only be a problem if the user chooses to charge too far away and not closer to the power port available in the car.

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