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Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan: Product Review

Summer season is a time when it is not just our home, but also our body that needs to cool off. The Nicola ceiling fan by Havells is such an appliance that is necessary to help maintain the temperature against the rising heat.This appliance serves as a two-in-one commodity; because not only does it add to the aesthetic value of the area but also does a fantastic job of keeping it cool as well. The fan has trims on its aluminum body that are decorative and make the entire piece stand out. It consumes just 72 W of power making it highly energy efficient and smooth during low voltage and power surges. Additionally, the air delivery of this fan is at 225 cmm and the motor’s speed stands at 350 rpm. The strength of the fan is dependent on its innovative yet sturdy design making it strong and durable. Moreover, to ensure that it blends in with the interiors of the area of your choice, the fan comes in myriad color combinations such as gold mist, copper and so on, for the user to choose from.The method of assembling the fan plays a crucial role as it might affect the performance of the appliance if done wrong.


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Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan: Product Review

Ceiling fans have been around for over a hundred years and it is for good reason. This appliance comes in handy to those who go for a seemingly cheaper alternative over an air conditioner and helps keep the room cool, just like it.  The Pacer ceiling fan by Havells is one such example of a really efficient alternative and a recommended home appliance.

This particular model of fans from Havells is economical in the benefits that its multiple features can provide.  The double ball bearing design along with a powerful motor at the center enables the fan to bring about an amazing cooling air throw performance at a great speed. The fan will for this reason, also perform very well during low voltage. The air delivery is at 230 cmm while its speed stands at 400 rpm. Its exceptional performance makes it ideal for rooms and halls that are fairly larger in size. Moreover, what’s makes this product attractive is its ability to cover larger areas quicker than most of its counterparts. Its durability is guaranteed by the materials used along with a sturdy hanging rod that comes with it.

However, the appliance isn’t completely noiseless at varied speeds. The noise might die down in the long run and is greatly overshadowed by its remarkable performance.


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Gorilla Energy Ceiling Fan: Product Review

It is necessary for us to maintain the right temperature in and around us so that we can remain healthier and keep up with the demands of the life we lead every day. The Gorilla energy ceiling fan by Atomberg technologies helps to keep the area cool so that you can go about your day without having to break a sweat.

One of the most significant features of this fan lies in its power consumption. The appliance consumes just 28W of power even at full speed making it highly energy efficient. Moreover, this also brings down power consumption by 65%. The amalgamation of powerful motors and blades that have been uniquely designed gives the fan a better airflow than most of its counterparts in the market. The brushless motor ensures that there is no heat loss and functions smoothly.  The fan comes with a remote control using which one can control the speed, auto features, sleep mode and so on. The air delivery rate of the fan stands at 220 cubic meters and the speed is at 360 rpm.  Unlike most fans, this one is completely noiseless and also can run three times longer on an inverter.

This is suitable for smaller rooms as its air delivery might appear to be less if one were to sit at a much farther distance.


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