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Morphy Richards Europa 800 expresso

Sitting back and sipping a hot cup of coffee is the most affordable luxury you can have on your weekends. A few of your near and dear ones to share some cheers makes it perfect. Now, with Morphy Richards Europa Coffee maker, you save big time on time and money enjoying your perfect cup on those lazy evenings.

This gorgeous coffee maker is bolder than it looks. Expresso, Cappuccino or latte – your favorite coffee will be ready by the time you seat your guests. Consuming a power of 800 watts and working on a voltage of 230 Volts, it can make up to 4 cups of coffee at a time. The knobs and handles are so designed to give you maximum comfort and convenience. The frothing capacity of this is excellent and your cappuccino will definitely be on par with what you buy it from your favorite restaurant. The strength of the coffee can be easily adjusted by moving the knob to the desired level. A drip tray ensures that you don’t leave back a mess once you are done. It does take some time to understand the various functions of the machine. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to make this easier for you.

The product comes with a warranty of 2 years which proves that this black beauty renders a pretty hardcore service. If you are a coffee lover, you are gonna fall in love with this.



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Preethy Drip cafe  

Filter coffees are not just a hot beverage for south Indians. Nostalgia peaks to its best when you take in the aroma of filter coffee poured in a stainless steel tumbler with a davarah under it. In this urban life, this is something that can take you back to the streets you grew up, your mother’s lap that you cuddled into and those innocent smiles of your grandparents. Well, you needn’t long for it any longer. Bring home Preethy Drip Café coffee maker and relive those moments every day.

The compact and sturdy old school set is made with high quality heat resistant plastic, giving you both beauty and boldness. With microfine filters and accurate temperature control, Preethy Drip Café promises to filter out a perfectly decocted coffee every single time. Heating element of 450W ensures faster brewing while the heat sensitive thermal fuse prevents excessive heating or power overflow. Preethy Drip Cafe works on a power of 450W which is comparatively lesser than many other brands’, thus saving you from a ‘bill’ shock. Overall, a pretty fair deal at this price!

Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker


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Preethy Café Zest

For some it’s tea. For others, it’s the aroma of strong coffee that lifts them from the bed and gets them going for a tough day. If you are one such coffee lover, a coffee maker is an inevitable part of your life. Introducing Preethy Café Zest Coffee maker – your new coffee partner.

The stylish metallic finish makes the set a perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Water indicator is on a transparent panel on the main body for a better view. An addition of heat sensitive thermal fuse and switch with power indicator assures you accurate and safe usage, thus reducing any chances of an oversupply of power. Above all, with a modest power usage of 450W for a coffee maker, Café zest comes out as an efficient coffee maker.


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