Exercise Using Resistance Band For Toned Body

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FITSY® Toning Tube with Additional Door Anchor

FITSY® Toning Tube with Additional Door AnchorFitsy’s toning tubes are one of the most versatile and durable products of its kind that perfect for either those of you who are just starting to incorporate fitness into your daily routine through exercise using resistance band or just any other fitness pros out there. The product offers multiple colors of the band for the user to choose from as well.

The highly versatile latex bands offer great strength and flexibility to the user’s fitness regime. The bright colors will give you an instant lift as opposed to the usual mundane colors that you usually come across. One of the most significant features here is the handles. Unlike most handles of myriad resistance bands available in the market, this product offers comparatively soft foam handles that add extra comfort when the user participates in intense workouts that demand a lot of pressure and tension to the same. Furthermore, this is probably one of the very few bands that come with a door anchor. The anchor enables the user to hang the bands behind a door either for storage purposes or as a stable and additional support for the workout routine. The product can be used for shoulder and chest presses, tricep extensions, bicep curls and various other techniques.




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BodyBand™ Premium Resistance Band

BodyBand™ Premium Resistance BandBody band’s premium resistance bands make for the perfect gym “buddy”. The amazing latex finish bands make it skin friendly and durable against continuous friction and use.  Moreover, this aspect also comes with an environment-friendly touch which is the result of the natural Malaysian latex incorporated into the design of the product.

Unlike most of its counterparts, this product gives the user more than what he/ she has bargained for as it also comes with an E-book download giving updates on the latest fitness techniques to keep you in shape, this also adds to its unique selling points. The flexibility and the strength of the materials make it easier for the user to use for myriad workouts to enhance both upper and lower body strength or any other target areas of their choice. Moreover, the band can also be stacked together if the routine demands it without the user having o worry about the band breaking in the process. Additionally, to make up for its own style quotient, the product comes in various feminine and unisexual colours to add vibrancy amongst the other less eye-catching fitness products in your gym bag. The kit includes a set of four of the resistance bands of varying weight and length, adding to a great benefit of exercise using resistance band


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Vector X Resistance or Thera Tube

Vector X Resistance or Thera TubeAs the name suggests, the resistance tube by Vector X is known to have a design that targets the heavy-duty workout regime. Its high-quality build makes it perfect exercise using resistance band. 

The use of thera tubes as an alternative to the usual materials common in products of this kind, Vector X makes it possible for anyone to have access to quality products but for an affordable cost.  Its effectiveness and portability make it for a great addition to the user’s fitness routine. Here, it is not just the bands but, the D shaped handles are highly durable and compliment the product’s agility. The ridges on the handles provide great grip to ensure that heavy workouts are not hampered. The tubes can withstand resistance of about 9 kilograms. The list of the number of exercises that the product can be used for is endless and leaves the user with many options. Furthermore, the size and shape of the product aids in easy storage be it in a small gym bag or a suitcase and the lightweight aspect makes it easily portable and does not add to too much additional weight during the user’s travel.



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