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Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker: Product Review

There has been no other decade in human history where people have placed fitness at the top of their priority than at this period of time. With the numbers of gym and diets growing every day, it is no doubt that trackers have also gained a similar prominence. The Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker is one of the finest in the market, with features that’ll keep track of your fitness regime and more.

This sleek device can do so much more to add to your fitness through its multiple features and a battery life that can go up to 48 hours on average. The tracker comes with several indicators to automatically detect and analyze the user’s sleep patterns, steps taken, movements and so on.  All you need is a slight tap to change and view the indicators and notifications on the OLED display. The bands come in attractive colors that can be changed and detached easily. Moreover, you can have up to 8 alarms a day, view any social media alerts on the device and receive reminders on your movement. Additionally, the tracker is also synced with the bolt app and an AI personal health coach that will help further enhance your fitness regime though live texts and audio.

The technological glitches, if any, are purely subjective and don’t hamper the competency of the device if used properly.



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Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker: Product Review 

Sleep, diet, exercise are some of the most important indicators of fine health. Since it’s hard to keep track of all of this at once, the Fitbit activity tracker has been designed to ensure that you get to follow the right fitness regimen every day.

The Fitbit is one of the most popular activity trackers in the market because of its impeccable feature’s ability to detect and analyze not just the usual indicators like movement, heart rate, sleep etc but also your breathing. The tracker features an OLED display and has interchangeable straps which come with a myriad of colors for the user to choose from. Not only does it detect your sleep patterns but it also breaks them down into several phases for better accuracy. What’s more is that it has a multi-sport mode and connected GPS to track movement during specific sports ranging from running to basketball etc. it has a smart track feature that which can auto record exercises such as biking, hiking and so on. You can also receive alerts to do with calls, calendars, and texts.  Additionally, the tracker can sync wirelessly with over 200 android/ios devices. The battery life lasts about five days.

The battery life is heavily dependent on the use of amazing and multitude of features available on this device than any other. It accurately tracks every single movement of the user, which can be impaired if it comes in contact with water. A built-in GPS is another miss at this price point.



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Mi Band – HRX Edition: Product Review

Health is an indispensable part of our lives. If one weren’t fit, it would hamper their lives in ways that are unimaginable. Hence, to ensure that you can be in tip-top shape, the Mi Band HRX edition activity tracker helps you keep in check of your regime.

This black glossy device helps you track three very important elements and those are – the total number of steps/distance covered and the number of calories that have been burnt. The materials used make it resistant to dust, water, fingerprints etc. This lithium polymer battery-powered device has an anodized button with 0.5mm ripples on it for better touch. The algorithm in the pedometer has been improved to give you the best possible outcome and an accurate analysis of your regimen. The tracker automatically syncs with your ios/android phone and unlocks the same using the unique identity that is specially created for you. This also aids in giving and receiving a call or SMS notification alerts and much more. The OLED display adds to the devices’ power-efficient capabilities. The chipset is enabled with Bluetooth 4.0 which provides a stable and fast connection and ensuring a long battery life due to the consumption of very less power. The HRX edition also promises a 23 day period of battery life.

This device comes without a heart rate monitor something that we wished should have included at this price point.



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