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5 Garden Essentials for that hidden Gardener in You

“I like gardening – It’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself “

A true gardener cannot agree more with these words by Alice Sebold.

In a sense, Gardening is like a true calling. A person is either a passionate gardener or he is so indifferent that even a sight of a blooming plant doesn’t make him smile. Only a gardener would know the content of getting his hands dirty in the warmth of a rising sun, to see, one day, a plant that has grown and bloomed out of his labor.

If you are starting to think that this article is going a bit too philosophical about gardening, let us give you some material reasons why you should turn to gardening as your new hobby. According to studies, gardening is an amazing stress bursting, mood lifting activity just like any other hobbies you like. Well, unlike others, gardening will also give you a beautiful and peaceful home and surrounding.

So now, if you are convinced that gardening is indeed a rewarding hobby, let’s dive into the basic things you will need to start with for a small garden. Let’s get your green thumb out.

Potting Mix like we need a particular amount of nutrients, especially in our younger age, plants too need a good mix of nutrients for a healthy growth and to gain immunity against various pests. Potting Mixes are hence, a highly recommended, enriching source of nutrients for your seedlings or any new plant as our soil might not be rich in all the nutrients.





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Hand Trowel

Hand TrowelMany a time, plants outgrow the pots they are kept in and need to be transplanted safely to the ground or a bigger pot. Now, to safely remove them, without disturbing or harming the roots, you will need a hand trowel. It can also be used to dig out small portions of the earth for planting. 

Although now we get high-quality powder coated metal which is rust resistant, if you own an old styled trowel (or any other garden tool), sticking it in a bucket full of sand (and vegetable oil) is one of the easiest ways to keep rust away.


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Hand cultivator

Hand cultivatorA hand cultivator is needed only once in a while but is not totally evitable. Tilting and aerating the soil regularly (not daily) is just as important as watering the plants. This is because the soil tends to settle down with regular wetting and hence prevent aeration or movement of roots across them.



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Garden Shears

Garden ShearsA well-maintained garden is always a beautiful sight. But the flowers and bushes are sometimes too happy to grow out of control which turns our garden to an unkept forest. You surely wouldn’t want that, do you? That’s where shears and scissors come handy. Cutting and pruning the plants at a regular interval not only makes our garden tidy but also fosters healthy growth.



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Pest repellents

Pest repellentsNow that you have potted your plants, given them good food and aeration and timely pruning, what can possibly go wrong? You are probably missing one external evil – the pests. Pests can come in any shape, size and cause different diseases in different plants, thus curtailing or completely destroying the plant. As our climate is changing, for the worse, year after year, you can only expect these to grow. A good, organic pest repellent can, to a certain extent, prevent the infestation of these pests, without harming them or us (the consumers) in other ways.




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So, here you go! You are now armed with the essential gardening accessories/tools to start with your garden. One tiny tip- forgo gloves and feel the soil with your naked hands whenever possible. We promise you – the messier you get with dirt, the more you enjoy. Moreover, wasn’t that what you always wished for as a child?