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Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Hair-Straighteners

Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Hair-StraightenersThe HP8302 hair-straighteners by Philips is an essential styling tool for anyone. The silky smooth texture that it gives leaves your hair feeling less like a dry straw and rather than a healthy looking well-nourished hair which has great shine and makes a perfect selfie worthy look.

The features in this appliance enable the user to style their hair without having to worry about the myriad damages that can be caused to their tresses. The silk pro feature infused in the ceramic heating plates ensures that the hair is styled with minimal heat damage and friction to give optimum results. At 210°c, this hair-straighter uses the perfect professional-level temperature that is apt to ensure the change in the shape of the user’s hair. Moreover, the product takes only about 60 seconds to be heated and ready to be used, which is the least amount of time compared to most of its counterparts. Tangled power cords can pose to be quite a problem especially if you are in a rush, hence, the swivel cords here, prevent them being tangled. Additionally, the straighter is compatible to a universal voltage ranging from anywhere between 110 – 240 volts.

Any issue with the packaging of the product is dependent on the seller and not the manufacturer.


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Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener with Keratin Ceramic Coating

Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener with Keratin Ceramic CoatingThe HP8316/00 Kerashine hair-straighteners by Philips is perfect for anyone looking for an amazing hair straightening effect without going to a salon. The keratin infused heating plates on the appliance give your hair a subtle dose of the powerful protein while making it seem effortlessly gorgeous and well tamed.

This hair-straighteners is infused with many perks that set it apart from most of the other straighteners available. To start off, the product gives your hair an ionic boost. This means that the heating plates are charged with negative ions to eliminate friction and static whilst leaving your hair glossy and shiny throughout the day. For those of us who are in a constant rush, the extra wide heating plated on the straighter enables the user to style more strands of hair than what is usually possible to make the process quicker and less time-consuming. Furthermore, the power cord on the product measures at 1.8 meters which makes it longer and hence avoids potential tangles to the same. The straighter also heats quickly, in 60 seconds and works at a professional temperature of 210°c to give the user efficient and quality results to their hair.


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Panasonic EH-HV10-W62B Hair Straightener

Panasonic EH-HV10-W62B Hair StraightenerThe EH-HV10-W62B hair-straighteners by Panasonic comes equipped with measures to ensure that the hair does not get severely burnt in the process of styling. The heat protection system on the appliance is used to make sure that the right temperature is maintained to straighten the hair without having to cause much damage through heat.

This straightener is one of the most compact and portable ones available in the market. The size enables the user to carry it around on their travels without having to add too much extra space of weight. The product also comes with amazing color options and style which add to its one of the many benefits. The most unique feature here is that the hair-straighteners is designed to cater to those users who have colored hair. The photo ceramic plate ensures that the hair color is not damaged and stays intact without reacting and fading to the heat. Moreover, the product heats quickly in just about 40 seconds to ensure that the styling process isn’t too time to consume. The maximum temperature used here is 210°c which is apt to provide the user with a professional salon-like styled hair. Additionally, the straighter can be used for not just straightening the hair but also waves or soft curls according to the user’s choice.

The efficacy of the product is dependent on the temperature and the environment that the user is exposed to.

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