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Philips Stellar Bright 20-Watt Round LED Bulb (Pack of 2, Cool Day Light)

A common complaint among LED user is about how harsh the light can get. This, in fact, is true to certain extent. People refrain using LED as they claim it strains their eyes with prolonged exposure. The Philips stellar bright range beats all its competitors when it comes to reading comfort. We tested the light for activities like reading, cooking and even in the living room. There wasn’t even the slightest of discomfort observed. Summing up the experience.

What we liked

  1. Noticeable flickering
  2. Very comfortable and gentle on eyes.
  3. High lm/W
  4. Low flicker rate and SVM of 1.3
  5. Robust build with a heat sink. (Minimum heat)

What could be improved

  1. Not the one if you are planning to use a dimmer switch






  • 2.Philips LED Cap Desk Light 4.5watt(Black)




As mentioned in our LED guide, it is advisable to pick a cool light lamp for activity which involves concentration and attention. We could not find a better-LED desk light than the Philips LED Cap Desk Light. One common issue with a regular study lamp is thermal emission. You start feeling the heat in the area that is lit up. We have ensured to select the best-LED desk lamp so that you don’t come across this issue. We played around with lamp for almost 3 days using it in various ambient lighting conditions. Here is the summary.


What we like

  1. Elegant design. The moment we unpacked the box, we were in love with the design
  2. The gooseneck is sturdy at the same time flexible enough.
  3. Optimum illumination for reading with no noticeable flickering.
  4. High CRI of 85 ensures better colour realization.
  5. Very low power consumption.


What could be improved


  1. The length of the power cord was hardly 2 feet.
  2. The bulb provided is not replaceable
  3. The unit is a dust magnet; make sure you wipe it often to keep it elegant.



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3.Wipro High Lumen 22-Watt LED Batten Light (Cool Day Light)





Fluorescent lights especially the conventional tube lights are very sensitive to voltage fluctuation. You would have observed the flickering in a regular tube light when the voltage drops. If you happen to reside in an area with frequent voltage fluctuation then LED battens are here for your rescue. These are made with a sole purpose of replacing the conventional tube light. Keep in mind that a LED batten is a standalone fixture with plug and play and does not fit in your tube light fixture. We experimented with a wide range of LED batten available in the market and narrowed down to Wipro High Lumen 22-Watt LED Batten.


What we liked

  1. 2400 lumen with 22 W, which is good a good lm/W rating
  2. We simulated condition like low and fluctuating voltage and noticed no variation in the light output.
  3. Diffuser did a good job of evenly spreading the light across the room.
  4. Comes with all the accessories for fitment so that you don’t have to run around.


What could be improved

  1. The screws – Well we tried mounting this unit to our wall and was not a very smooth experience
  2. The light did have a slight bluish tint for the initial few minutes after a cold start.
  3. A little longer wire would have made the installation easier.


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