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D-Link DIR-506L- portable wireless N150 Router

D-Link DIR-506L- portable wireless N150 RouterThe DIR-506L- portable wireless N150 Router by D link is one of the most unique designs especially since it has been made to fit into pockets and be easily portable. The objective here is to ensure that the user is not restricted by several factors such as the weight of the router or the myriad wires that come with it and instead to enable the user to have unlimited internet access in several locations.

This pint-sized router does just as much as a normal sized router would do with a few menial exceptions of course.  One of the most significant features here is the router’s size. The router has been designed to be able to make easy for those of us who are constantly on the go and require internet access during our travels. The device has a rechargeable battery and hence wouldn’t require a power outlet to plug it into and instead can be done using a USB port connected to another device. It also has the additional benefit of creating mobile hotspots for cellular phones. Moreover, the device can be used as a hard disk to save important files via the USB port if and when necessary.


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RESONATE Router UPS CRU5V Power Backup for WiFi Router

RESONATE Router UPS CRU5V Power Backup for WiFi RouterThe CRU5V Power Backup for WiFi Router by Resonate has several features and settings that ensure that the user gets the best benefit and experience by using a hassle-free wifi router that is known for its durability. The body is designed in a way that it sustains frequent wear and tear hence giving a long lasting lifespan to the router.

This particular device is equipped with several features that set it apart from its counterparts. The router is enabled with a battery management system which ensures that the device is durable and is not susceptible to breakdowns during power surges and so on. Moreover, it comes with a backup time of four hours if and when necessary. When it comes to the issue of compatibility, the device is compatible with all <2A, 5V powered WiFi, WiFi/ADSL routers. The intelligent protection systems embedded in the device ensure that the user has less to worry about the working mechanisms of the router and enjoy continuous, uninterrupted internet connection no matter the location. The device is also lightweight, which makes it easy to be carried around and moved from one place to the other.



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