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 Wildcraft Rucksack: Product Review

A travel checklist is never complete without a rucksack to aid in meandering through a long journey with ease. Keeping an avid travelers’ needs in mind, Wildcraft has designed the 45 Litres rucksack which is apt and has enough space and several other features that will ensure nothing gets left behind.

This particular rucksack is duo-chromatic with orange and grey colors. The nylon used makes the product water resistant and it can also accommodate up to 20 kilograms of weight.  It features a single large compartment in the middle which will hold most of the travel essentials along with a smaller compartment at the top and others at the sides of the rucksack which are bottle holders.  As far as the dimensions are concerned it is 55 centimeters in length and 35 centimeters in breadth.

However, the content and the amount of weight the rucksack is also dependent on the duration of the journey. The same would apply to the use of zippers and stitches. This product will last you for a decent time provided you are not keen on abusing it




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Polestar Rucksack: Product Review

A rucksack and a long journey are two things that often go hand in hand and if you are an avid traveller, there a good chance that you couldn’t agree more.  The Polestar 60 Litre Royal Blue Rucksack makes a great companion on your travels for the reason that it captures all the features that you will need for your upcoming adventures.

This rucksack is blue in color which works as an external identifier. Not only is it durable and water-resistant, you will also find that the materials used like, polyester, for example, make it comparatively lighter as well. Since shoulders can take a toll on an extensive journey the straps here are padded make it comfortable to be worn. Apart from the standard large compartment, the bag also features a top and two additional compartments at the front along with bottle holders at the sides. All of this gives one enough space to pack all the necessities, gadgets etc.

With all these amenities that the bag includes it is sure to make a significant impact on one’s travels. However, the rucksack does not come with an additional rain cover.



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Pole star rucksack: Product review

Designed with the wander lusting adventurer in us in mind, Polestar has come up with a 40 Litre rucksack which unlike any other will prove to be a better confidante on your journeys by holding your travel essentials in place.The rucksack comes in hues of blue and white and is made of water-resistant polyester making it stronger and more durable and lighter than its counterparts. It can hold about 44 litres and comes with a large compartment, two additional compartments at the front and bottle holders at the sides, this makes it spacious enough for day to day use. The shoulder straps are cushioned with padding and are adjustable and broad ensuring that the weight is proportioned evenly while you carry it and makes it suitable for long hikes and treks. The rucksack measures 64 centimeters in length and 32 centimeters in width.

As it is with any other bags and baggage items, the rucksack’s stitching can be quite sensitive and is susceptible to wear and tear if used too often and abrasively.




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