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F&D t-200x TV Speaker

Modern LED TV has come a long way to shed the tag of being an idiot box. Now your LED TV house several patents and you can find the word “Smart” tagged to your TV.
If you look at the journey from being an idiot box to becoming a smart TV several issues have been addressed to make your viewing experience flawless.

However, if there is anything short in a LED TV it’s the sound. Blame it on the sleek design or sheer negligence of designers, the sound in any LED TV is always far from satisfactory.

So I started my journey to seek the best companion for my TV and finally ended up with this.

I am not a geek when it comes to speakers. So here is my review in layman’s language after 2 weeks of use/Abuse.

The Good Part

1. Bass, yes you heard it clear, Bass – Powerful Woofers, good enough to compete with the bachelor’s party next door.
2. Design – The unit looks sturdy at the same time sleek.
3. Bluetooth performance – There is absolutely no delay in pairing and no breakage once its paired
4. Clear music with no hissing sound even at high volume. A wholesome experience while watching movies.
5. A cute but functional remote to make your life easy.
6. Good connectivity options- Bluetooth/Aux/SD Card Reader/Pen Drive.
7. FM, if you are into listening radio.

The Not So Good Part

1. I would have rated the product 5 if it were not for cheap LED lights. The moment the led light kicks in you get a feel of
a low-end Chinese product. Though there is an option to switch this off, it comes back once you restart the speaker.

2. An NFC pairing would have made the experience even better.

3. You need to find a delicate balance between bass and treble to make the most out of this speaker.

4. Missing option in remote to control the bass and treble.


A must buy if you struggling with the poor quality audio of your TV.
Hope the review was helpful, Please write in the comment box if you need any clarification on the product.

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if you can sacrifice Bluetooth